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Turn to Us for High-Quality Mobile Auto Detailing Services in Kensington, MD

You need to consider your vehicle as one of your most important possessions. We are not only saying this to ensure optimum longevity from your expensive investment. It’s essential for your safety too. Bear in mind that you are probably using your vehicle on a daily basis. That said, you should never be driving a faulty car. You need to take advantage of professional mobile auto detailing services to ensure that your vehicle will remain in tip-top condition at all times. Turn to GCSD for hassle-free services. We’re only a call away from the car owners in the Kensington, MD area.

What We Do

For all your car detailing service needs in the area, don’t hesitate to turn to us for the job. We can detail almost all kinds of vehicles. We can handle different car models, brands, and make, ensuring safety and efficiency at all times. Here are the list of our offers:

Steamed Car Detailing

Steamed Car Detailing

We specialize in providing steam car detailing service. Rest assured that stubborn dirt, mud, grime, and other contaminants on the surface of your vehicle will be effectively removed without messing your paintwork. We will deliver exceptional car detailing services while protecting your vehicle’s finish.

Vehicle Vinyl Removal

Vehicle Vinyl Removal

What goes on your car eventually needs to come off, just like a vinyl sign. No worries as we can get rid of it safely and efficiently, ensuring that there will not even be a single scratch on your vehicle’s surface. It is not magic, it is our exemplary vehicle vinyl removal methods! Aside from vehicle removal jobs, we also flawlessly provide vehicle wrap installation services.

Interior Shampooing

Interior Shampooing

Vehicle mats, switches, pedals, handles, dashboard, steering wheel, and stalks need to be cleaned, too. Let us do the job. We make use of high-quality and guaranteed effective and safe interior shampoo to ensure exemplary car interior cleaning outcomes with no unpleasant odor.

Washing and Waxing

Washing and Waxing

We also provide washing and waxing services. If you’ve been using your vehicle for a while, you already know why this is so important. Our experts at GCSD make use of top-shelf products in doing the job to ensure top-quality outcomes at budget-friendly costs.



We don’t only specialize in providing top-quality mobile car detailing services, we detail boats and RVs as well. This only proves that we are your one-stop-shop for all your detailing needs in the area. Whatever kind of vehicle you own, expect us to provide you with exemplary detailing services.

Other Services

In addition to the services already mentioned above, we also handle car polishing services. We also provide fleet maintenance services. Need not worry about your fleet, we will flawlessly and seamlessly maintain it, making sure that you’ll have well-functioning vehicles at all times.

How We Work

Here at our shop, we are armed with top-grade computer-aided equipment. This enables us to provide detailing services flawlessly. On top of that, we’re also a team of highly skilled and well-experienced professionals whose main goal is to deliver exemplary services at all times.

More Than One Area!

Aren’t you from the Kensington, MD area? Don’t worry! We have now expanded. The car owners in nearby places can also take advantage of our offers. Here are the additional areas that we serve:

  • Chevy Chase View Town, MD
  • Takoma Park, MD
  • Summerfield, MD
  • Four Corners, MD
  • Forest Glen, MD

When you need a vehicle detailer, you now know which one to call. For inquiries about our offers, we’re only a call away!

Client’s Testimonial

by Mercy M. on GCSD

This auto detailer is highly recommended in the area. So when I needed mobile car detailing service, I turn to them. And it was the best decision I made. They provide convenient mobile services. They are punctual and efficient professionals who'll deliver to your complete satisfaction with completely no fuss.

Mobile Auto Detailing is great! They do an amazing job and the results are always perfect. I went in for a full detailing and they made sure every part of my car was looking great. Highly recommend!
Kimberly Bray
Kimberly Bray
I was so happy with this Mobile Auto Detailing service! They detailed my car while I was at work and it was just like I had taken it to a car wash. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great service.
Warren Hall
Warren Hall
Great job detailing my 6 year old car making it look like new. Very friendly owner who worked hard and took great pride in his work..

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  • Vehicle Vinyl Removal
  • Interior Shampooing
  • Washing and Waxing
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  • Car Polishing
  • Fleet Maintenance

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